Friday, 18 October 2013

Mixed bag of goodies

I've just listed a mixed bag of Scandinavian jewellery onto the sales website.

I am listing some Georg Jensen cufflinks as well as Georg Jensen earrings.

Georg Jensen Ditzel ear cuffs,   - SOLD

1930s Georg Jensen cufflinks by Henry Pilstrup  sold

There are two butterfly brooches by the Norwegian master enamellist, Hroar Prydz.

Huge enamel butterfly brooch/pendant by Hroar Prydz  SOLD

Hroar Prydz red and white enamel butterfly, £85

There are a couple of interesting pieces of porcelain made by the Royal Copenhagen factory in the 1970s, shortly after they took over Anton Michelsen and became inspired to introduce jewellery into their range.
Royal Copenhagen blue porcelain pendant  - sold
Royal Copenhagen Porcelain gold and green bangle - SOLD

There are also a couple of pieces of bronze jewellery, by Jorma Laine of Finland and K E Palmberg of Alton in Sweden.

Jorma Laine bronze bracelet - SOLD

ALTON Palmberg bronze ring    -   SOLD

Baltic amber is regarded as the most collectible, and the Danes have been producing amber pieces for over a hundred years. One specialist is Einer Fehrn, and I am listing a couple of his rings, a pair of cufflinks and a pendant.
Einer Fehrn large amber ring  £75

Einer Fehrn large amber cufflinks   - sold

Einer Fehrn amber pebble ring £50

Einer Fehrn amber pendant + chain

Finally there are several nice pieces of silver jewellery by renowned Danish makers such as Arne Johansen, Poul Warmind etc:  rings, cufflinks, earrings, a brooch and a pendant.

Arne Johansen ring   - SOLD

Poul Warmind pendant with wood + chain   - SOLD

WH ring with wood  SOLD

Theodor Skat Rørdam cufflinks SOLD

Herman Siersbøl necklace and bracelet  SOLD

Herman Siersbøl parsley ring - SOLD

Theodor Skat Rørdam brooch £ 48

Axel Holm cufflinks - SOLD