Thursday, 21 April 2016

Danish silver rings, sizes J to N

Here is a wonderful collection of modernist Danish silver rings in sizes J to N with a wide range of styles and prices. Makers include Herman Siersbøl, Bent Knudsen, Ib Bluitgen, M..Christofersen and Rey Urban.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website Scandinaviansilver.couk

item 1105, Danish Sterling ring, size J-5-49, SOLD

item 1106, Herman Siersbøl Sterling aquamarine/moonstone ring, size K - L SOLD

item 1107, 2 Danish Sterlling knot rings, size L/6/52 and P/7.75/56, cost £27 each
item 1108  Anne-Marie Serritslev, huge decorative ring, size M, SOLD

item 1109, Rey Urban for Aage Fausing, 2 stacking rings, sizes J and N, SOLD

item 1110, Henning Ulrichsen Sterling helmet ring, size M, costs £60

item 1111,  Wood and Sterling silver ring, size M, SOLD

item 1112, Herman Siersbøl Sterling ring with turquoise ball, size M, costs £50

item 1113, Scrouples Sterling ring with gold ball, size M, SOLD

item 1114, Flora Danica silver gilt ring, rockfoil Saxifraga, adjustable size, SOLD

item 1119, M P Christofersen Sterling lava flow ring, adjustable size, SOLD

item 1115, Bent Knudsen Sterling ring with 2 balls, size N, costs £60

item 1116, Ib Andersen modernist ring, size N, SOLD

item 1117, Ib Bluitgen Sterling modernist ring, size N-O, SOLD

item 1118, KH Sterling ring with stone, size N, SOLD

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Focus on Niels Erik From

The silver jewellery of the Danish silversmith Niels Erik From is probably the most popular on the vintage market.  Here is another exclusive collection of 15 items from this great workshop.

For further information and to place your order, please go to the website

item 1079, Niels Erik From Sterling silver drop earrings, cost £75

item 1080, Niels Erik From Sterling modernist discs bracelet. costs SOLD

item 1081, Niels Erik From Sterling aerodynamic bracelet, SOLD

item 1082, Niels Erik From aerodynamic necklace, SOLD

item 1083, N.E.From Sterling onyx pendant+chain,  SOLD

item 1084, N.E.From Sterling faux ivory/bone ring, size O-P / 7.5, costs £75

item 0210 N.E.From faux ivory/bone Sterling bangle, costs £95

item 1085 N.E.From Sterling oval ring, size L-M / 6.5, costs £75

item 1086, N.E.From Sterling round silver ring,  size O / 7.25,  SOLD

item 1087, N.E.From Sterling round rose quartz ring, size M-N / 6.6, SOLD

item 1088, N. E.From  Sterling domed rose quartz ring, size M-N / 6.75, costs £69

item 1089, N.E.From Sterling rose quartz pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1090, N.E.From Sterling bars necklace and bracelet SOLD

item 1091, N.E.From Sterling sweater clips, cost £65

item 1092, N.E.From Sterling cufflinks and tie clip, SOLD