Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Brutalist jewellery

Here is a fabulous collection of Scandinavian so-called 'Brutalist' designs in silver, silverplate and silvertone metals, with and without stones

item 1201 , Jacob Hull one-of-a-kind brutalist necklace, costs £235

item 1202, Jacob Hull brutalist pendant with stone, SOLD

item 1203,  Denmark Hope armcuff, SOLD

item 1204, Denmark JEB brutalist pendant, costs £75

item 1205, JJ silvertone agate ring, adjustable size, costs £55

item 1206,  EP Sterling silver ring, size L, SOLD

item 1207,  Randers Silver rough amethyst arm cuff, costs £115

item 1208,  Randers Silver rough amethyst pendant, costs £95

item 1209,  KM Koru Finland Sterling silver pendant, SOLD

item 1210,  Denmark brutalist silver pendant, costs  £36

item 1211, Denmark brutalist blue glass pendant, SOLD

item 1212  Danish brutalist rough amethyst ring, adjustable size, SOLD

Friday, 8 July 2016

Tiger Eye Jewellery

Here is a selection of jewellery, silver and silver-plate, all adorned with the fascinating Tiger Eye stone, which looks completely brown from one angle and then reveals a lighter stripe as the piece is moved. There are rings, bangles. pendants and cufflinks.

As usual, go to the website scandinaviansilver.co.uk for further information and to place your order.

item 1191 , Arne Johansen Sterling tiger eye ring, SOLD

item 1192, Dansk Smykkekunst vintage tiger eye arm cuff,   SOLD

item 1193 Dansk smykkekunst vintage tiger eye pendant, costs £55

item 1194, Smykkesmeden Denmark tiger eye ring, adjustable,  costs £55

item 1195, Smykkesmeden Denmark tiger eye bangle, costs £65

item 1196 , Niels Erik From Sterling silver ring, size K-L,  costs £75

item 1197, Niels Erik From Sterling silver cufflinks, cost £125

item 1198, German silver tiger eye pendant, costs £33

item 1199, Finland silver tiger eye pendant, costs £45

item 1200,  Elis Kauppi, Kupittaan Kulta, Sterling silver tiger eye cufflinks, cost £95

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Abalone and Amber jewellery

Here is a wonderful selection of silver jewellery adorned with either abalone shell or amber,

Neither of these are 'stones' in the literal sense: the abalone is the shell of a sea snail or other mollusc and amber is fossilised tree resin, the most attractive of which is found around the Baltic.
Both are now widely used in jewellery-making.

item 1171,  Palle Bisgaard Sterling silver Abalone shell bangle, SOLD

item 1172, Palle Bisgaard Sterling silver Abalone shell ring, size M,  SOLD

item 1173,  Hejlund Sterling silver Abalone ring, size M,  £55

item  1174,  Small Brdr. Bjerring Abalone shell pendant+ chain, SOLD

item 1175,  Arne Johansen Sterling silver Abalone shell brooch, costs £75

item 1176,  E.Dragsted Sterling silver Abalone shell ring, SOLD

item 1177,   Silver amber necklace, costs  £135

item  1178,  German Sterling silver amber brooch, costs  £55

item 1179,  M.P. Christoffersen  domed amber ring, size N, SOLD

item 1180,  E. Styrbech silver amber ring,  size N - O,  SOLD

item 1181,  Silver amber drop earrings for pierced ears, SOLD

item 1182,  Large geometric silver amber ring from Poland, size Q/8.5, SOLD

item  1183,  2  unpolished amber necklaces from Denmark, cost  £35 each - dark amber sold