Thursday, 25 August 2016

Danish silver with crystal, lapis lazuli, other blue stones and chrysoprase

Here is a collection of Danish silver jewellery featuring crystal, lapis lazuli, other blue stones and chrysoprase. There are rings, pendants and brooches.

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item 1228, Herman Siersbøl crystal ring, adjustable shank, SOLD

item 1229,  Herman Siersbøl crystal pendant, SOLD

item 1230, Corona lapis lazuli ring, size O, SOLD

item 1231, Arne Johansen lapis lazuli pendant, SOLD

item 1232, 14 kt gold ring with lapis lazuli disc, size L, SOLD

item 1233,   Herman Siersbøl lapis lazuli pendant, SOLD

item 1234, DSI turquoise coloured pendant, SOLD

item 1235,  Herman Siersbøl abstract brooch with blue balls, SOLD

 item 1236, Brd. Bjorklund blue earrings, for pierced ears, SOLD

item 1237,  Brd. Bjorklund stylised daisy brooch with chrysoprase, costs £75

item 1238, Ulrich chrysoprase ring, SOLD

Friday, 19 August 2016

A Taste of Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival

August is just the best time to be in Edinburgh - the city streets throng with people from all over the world, all here to experience  some of the thousands of productions running in every theatre, hall, marguee, nook and cranny, as well as the historical sights, the Tattoo, the open air markets and street performers.
 I have always included some Scottish silver in my collection. But what better time than during the Edinburgh International and Fringe Festivals:   The reasons are threefold :

1) I live here, so I see a lot of Scottish silver at markets, and particularly like work inspired by the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
2) The islands in the north of Scotland were under Scandinavian rule from the Viking age until the late Middle Ages. There are still a lot of Nordic influences, and the fine silversmiths of the Orkney and Shetland Isles produce wonderful pieces based on their Nordic heritage.
3) The same silversmiths, notably Ola Gorie and Malcolm Gray of Ortak, were obviously influenced by Scandinavian Modern in their formative years, and they produced some great modernist pieces.

item 1213  Sheila Fleet, Orkney, earrings with postbacks, cost £45

item 1214 Shetland silver Viking ship brooch, costs £55

item 1215 Ola Gorie, Orkney, Viking Ship pendant + chain, costs £55

item 1216,  Ola Gorie, Orkney, Louise ring, size L-M,  SOLD

item 1217 Ola Gorie, Orkney, Tudor brooch with original box,  costs £65

item 1218, Ola Gorie, Orkney, Tudor necklet, costs £58

item 1219, Ola Gorie, Orkney, Swan scarf brooch, SOLD

item 1220 Ola Gorie, Orkney, Nouveau earrings, SOLD

item 1221, Ortak, Orkney, modernist brooch with amethyst, SOLD

item 1222, Ortak, Orkney, enamel ring, size L, costs £45

item 1223, Ortak, Orkney, St Magnus brooch,  costs £48

item 1224, Carrick Jewellery Ltd, long Mackintosh inspired earrings with postbacks, cost £30

item 1225, Mackintosh inspired bracelet, costs £28

item 1226, Carrick Jewellery Ltd, Mackintosh inspired brooch, SOLD

item 1227, Carrick Jewellery Ltd, Mackintosh inspired earrings, post backs, SOLD