Sunday, 25 September 2016

Premium Collection 2: Hans Hansen and Bent Knudsen

Karl Gustav Hansen, the son of Hans Hansen, was the founder of Danish Modernism, with the introduction of his functionalist 'Futures' series of jewellery in 1932.   Between 1953 amd 1969 almost all of Hans Hansen jewellery was designed by Bent Gabrielsen, many of whose designs continued to be made by Georg Jensen after the takeover in 1992.  The other silversmith presented today is Bent Knudsen, who worked for Hans Hansen before he opened his own studio with his wife Anni in 1956.

This collection includes a number of items from the 'Peak' series, which I have managed to find again.

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item 1270, Hans Hansen ring, size N, SOLD

item 1271, Hans Hansen folding bangle, design Bent Gabrielsen, costs £245

item 0719,  Hans Hansen 'Peak' necklace, design Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item  0718, Hans Hansen 'Peak' earrings, screws (adaptable) design Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 0062, Hans Hansen 'Peak' brooch, design Bent Gabrielsen, costs £ 125

item 1272 Hans Hansen drop earrings, no. 444,  screws, design Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 1173,  Hans Hansen clip earrings,  no. 438,  design Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 1274, Hans Hansen smooth bangle, design Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 1275, Hans Hansen oval brooch, design Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 1276, Hans Hansen oxidised bangle, design Karl Gustav Hansen, SOLD

item 1277, Hans Hansen brooch, no.152, design Karl Gustav Hansen, SOLD

item 1278, Hans Hansen oxidised ball cufflinks, no. 610, design Karl Gustav Hansen,  SOLD

item 1279, Anni and Bent Knudsen, bracelet no. 2, SOLD

item 1280, Anni and Bent Knudsen cufflinks, SOLD

item 1281,  Anni and Bent Knudsen huge dome ring, 31,  finger size O, adjustable,  SOLD

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Danish silver bracelets, bangles and pendants

Here is a mixed collection of Danish silver bracelets, bangles and pendants, with a range of styles and prices.  All pendants are supplied with chains as seen. There must be something for everyone.
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item 1253,  Bent Eriksen silver bracelet, SOLD

item 1254, Rudolf Andresen bangle, SOLD

item 1255, C.O.Frydensberg silver leaf bracelet, Sold
item 1256, Randers Silver Viking coiled ends bangle, SOLD

item 1257, Hugo Grün  late Skønvirke floral bracelet, costs £ 85

item 1258, Hans Jensen midcentury functionalist bracelet, SOLD

item 1259 Randers Sølv open bangle, SOLD

item 1260,  Pandora bracelet with murano bead, costs  SOLD

item 1261, Flora Danica  silver gilt bangle with huge dill head,  costs £ 95

item 1262,  Flora Danica silver gilt large dill head pendant, SOLD

item 1263,  Flora Danica silver gilt large parsley pendant,  SOLD

item  1264, Chr. Veilskov large silver fish pendant, SOLD

item 0282,  J Johannes Aagaard oxidised silver and gold pendant, SOLD

item 1265,  Algot Enevoldsen crumple cast pendant,  SOLD

item 1266,  Danish midcentury silver scrolls pendant, SOLD

item 1267, Herman Siersbøl silver knot pendant,  SOLD

item 1268,  Scrouples Thorshammer pendant, SOLD

item 1269,  Scrouples sculptural modernist pendant,  SOLD

Friday, 2 September 2016

Premium Collection: Georg Jensen, David-Andersen, Alton and Lapponia

Here is the first of the autumn premium collections, and as usual we start with arguably the greatest silversmithy in the world, Georg Jensen of Denmark. This is followed by the leading Norwegian silversmithy, David-Andersen, and a few pieces by Alton of Sweden and Lapponia of Sweden.
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item 1239,  Georg Jensen pendant 462 on leather cord by Søren Georg Jensen, SOLD

item 1240, Georg Jensen cufflinks designed by Hans Hansen silvermsithy, SOLD

item 1241, Georg Jensen cufflinks no.34,  SOLD

item 1242 Georg Jensen ring 46A designed by Harald Nielsen, SOLD

item 1243, Georg Jensen dolphn lapel pin designed by Arno Malinowski, costs £145

item 1244, Georg Jensen brooch 234B by Gundorph Albertus , costs £235

item 1245, Georg Jensen heritage ear clips 2006, SOLD

item 1246, David-Andersen 'Thorshammer' pendant, designed by Bjørn Sigurd Østern, SOLD

item 1247, David-Andersen ring, size L (adjustable) , SOLD

item 1248, David-Andersen pendant, costs £195

item 0991, David-Andersen Saga bangle,  SOLD

item 0495,  David-Andersen enamel brooch by Toril Bjorg, costs £75

item 0419,  David-Andersen enamel 'Seasons' brooch, SOLD

item 1249, Uni David-Andersen bronze pendant/brooch by Unn Tangerud, SOLD

item 1250,  Alton pendant by Theresia Hvorslev,  SOLD

item 1251, Alton ball ring, size K,  SOLD

item 1252,  Lapponia necklace, by Björn Weckström,  SOLD