Saturday, 24 June 2017

Affordable Danish silver cufflinks

Here is a collection of silver cufflinks, largely Sterling, all from Denmark.  As they were made by some of the less famous silversmiths, they may acquired at more affordable prices, despite the equally high quality of the craftsmanship of Willy Kromar, Aarre & Krogh, Axel Holm and others.

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item 1518,   Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver onyx cufflinks, cost  £40

item  1519,  C.O.Frydensberg Sterling silver dish cufflinks, cost  £40

item 1520,   Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver spiral cufflinks, cost £48

item 1521,  Meka  Sterling silver bar cufflinks, cost £36

item 1522,  Axel Holm Sterling gilt diamond pattern cufflinks, cost £48

item 0880, Jens Tage Hansen Inuit head cufflinks, cost £50

item  1523,  PE Boesen silver foliage cufflinks,  cost £48

item 1524,  Willy Kromar Sterling silver grooved bar cufflinks,  cost  £60

item  1525,  DGH large Sterling milky amethyst cufflinks,  SOLD

item  1526,  Jens Tage Hansen Sterling freeform cufflinks,  cost £55

item 1527,  S Christian Fogh Sterling knot cufflinks, cost £55

item 1528,  Aarre &  Krogh  Sterling silver grid bar cufflinks , cost £60

item 1529,  Munksgaard  large silver grooved tie clip, costs £55

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Prehistoric, Celtic, Viking and other Nordic jewellery

Each of these items has a story, symbols of cultures of the distant past.  Most of them are faithful copies, a few simply adaptations of an ancient motif. These were found on stones, walls, and in excavated graves They stem from the Bronze and Irons Ages, Celtic and Viking ages. Some continue to have significance, as in the magical staves or the Ulu knife, others remain an unexplained mystery.
They stem from Denmark including Greenland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Scottish Orkney islands.

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item 1501,  Magnussen Sterling silver Viking ship pendant + chain, costs £55

Item 0043,  Anton Michelsen Viking Ship brooch, costs £70

item 1502,  KOPI large Sterling silver replica Viking ship brooch, costs £70

item 1503,  Aagaard Sterling silver chieftain ring, size K , costs £50

item 1504,  Creol, Denmark,  Sterling silver replica Viking ring, Size M, . costs £48

item 1505,  David-Andersen Sterling Saga series replica ring, size N ,  costs £95

item 1506,  David-Andersen Saga series Viking replica tie-clip, costs £55

item 0289,  David-Andersen Saga series Viking replica cufflinks, cost  £80

item 1507,  Kalevala  Koru St John's Arms cufflinks, cost £60

item 1508,   Søren Georg Kjeldsen silver Spirals brooch,   costs £75
item  1004,   Denmark GSK silver Spirals bracelet,  costs £135
item 1509,  Ola Gorie Sterling silver Skara Brae brooch,  costs £55

item 1510,  Ola Gorie Sterling Pictish Crescent and V rod pendant, costs £120

item 1511,   Mithril Celtic knot drop earrings for pierced ears,  cost £45

item 1512,   F.S. Kristensen Sterling silver and bone Inuit Ulu knife pendant + chain, costs £55

item 1513,  Iceland  Sterling silver Ægishalmur  (Helm of Awe)  pendant  + chain,  costs £60

item 1514,  Iceland silver Draumstafir (dream stave)  pendant  + chain, costs £48

item 1515,  Orkney ceramic Ingaborg Viking Runes brooch , costs £19

item 1516,  Bronze Viking replica snake ring, size S,  costs £25

item 1517,   Kalevala Koru bronze Suotniemi brooch,  costs £40

Friday, 19 May 2017

Matching items in silver from Denmark

Here is a collection of silver items from Denmark, each of which can be partnered with at least one other item,  and not necessarily by the same maker.  You'll find a brooch, rings, earrings, cufflinks, necklaces and bracelets

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item 1484,   Hugo Grün small silver deer pendant  + chain, costs £ 48

item 1485,  Hugo Grün silver deer bracelet, costs £125

item 1486,  Chr.Veilskov large silver Art Deco deer pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1487,  Poul Ernst Boesen freeform silver, gold and pearl ring, size N, SOLD

item 1488,  Poul Ernst Boesen freeform silver, gold and pearl brooch, SOLD

item 1489,  Palle Bisgaard  Sterling abalone pendant, costs £88

item 1490, Palle Bisgaard  Sterling abalone ring, size L/6,  costs £48

item 1491,  Erik Dennung pearl necklace, costs £135

item 1492,  Sterling pearl earrings, studs, cost £46

item 1493,  C A Christensen silver ball ring size L-M /6, costs £55

item 1494,  Munksgaard silver ball  bracelet, costs £99

item 1495, Munksgaard Sterling silver ball ear screws, cost £46

item 1496,  Viggo Pedersen silver ball cufflinks, cost £55

item 1497,  Silver rose ear clips, cost £36

item 1498, Sterling silver rose bracelet, SOLD

item 1500     Aagaard  Sterling silver and gold multistrand bracelet, costs £99

item 1499,  Siersbøl  Sterling silver multistrand necklace with gilt ball,  costs £125