Thursday, 6 April 2017

Danish enamel jewellery

Here is a lovelycollection of Danish enamel jewellery by Anton Michelsen, Volmer Bahner , Poul Warmind and others.

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item 1441,  Anton Michelsen Forget-me-not brooch, costs £95

item 1442, Viggo Pedersen Sterling large enamel daisy ear clips,  cost £75

item 0108 , Anton Michelsen medium guilloche daisy brooch, costs £85

item 0107  Anton Michelsen enamel daisy pendant + chain, costs £115

item 0209  Volmer Bahner blue enamel teardrop bracelet, costs £125

item 1443,  Volmer Bahner Sterling white enamel teardrop necklace, costs £185

item 1444, Volmer Bahner, large circle of green butterflies brooch, costs £75

item 1445,  Volmer Bahner Sterling green or white guilloche enamel butterfly brooch, cost  £60 each

item 1446, Volmer Bahner, small Sterling white enamel butterfly brooch, costs £55

item 1447,   Jemax Sterling white enamel pendant and earclips, cost £95

item 1448, Poul Warmind Sterling enamel brooch and ear clips, costs £145

item 1449,  Meka black enamel pendant, costs £38

item 1450, Jens Tage Hansen Sterling black brooch, costs £60

item 1451, Volmer Bahner Sterling black enamel zig zag brooch

item 1452, Munksgaard Sterling with blue enamel flowers earrings, cost £60

item 1453,  Volmer Bahner Sterling blue enamel cufflinks, cost £65

item 1454,  Volmer Bahner Sterling white enamel tie clip, costs £40

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