Friday, 14 April 2017

Niels Erik From

Here is a varied collection of items by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From, whose reputation has grown exponentially in the 20 years since the company closed.  From the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s the FROM workshop produced a wide variety of innovative designs in silver, many with semi-precious stones.
The collection offered today includes rings, cufflinks, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and pendants as well as one complete suite of jewellery.  The silver pieces are either plain or include amber, onyx or rose quartz. 3 of the items are returners, but the rest are new to the site.

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item 1455,  Niels Erik From Sterling silver necklace, SOLD

item 0171, Niels Erik From aerodynamic Sterling silver brooch, SOLD

item 1456, N.E.From Sterling amber pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1457, N.E.From Sterling amber arm cuff, SOLD

item 1458, N.E.From Sterling amber brooch, SOLD

item 1459,  N.E.From Sterling ring, open front, size N/6.75, SOLD

item 1460,  N.E.From Sterling cup ring, size R / 8.75, SOLD

item 1461,  N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips, costs £235
items also available separately

item 0970,  N.E.From geometric cufflinks, SOLD

item 0857, N.E.From Sterling square pellets cufflinks, cost £ 85

item 1462,  N.E.From Sterling rose quartz ring, R/9, costs £95

item 1463,  N.E.From Sterling rose quartz pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1464, N.E.From rose quartz bracelet, costs £ 235

item 1465, N.E.From horseshoe brooch,  SOLD

item 1466,  N.E.From Sterling horseshoe bracelet, costs £118

item 1467, N.E.From onyx pendant + chain, costs £75

item 1468, N.E.From onyx bracelet, SOLD

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