Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Silver earrings for all ears and purses

Here is a lovely collection of  silver earrings for pierced and non-pierced ears and with prices from £25 to £65.
The majority of the earrings are Danish, but there are also several Scottish pairs, one Norwegian, and a couple whose origin is unknown.
All but two of the earrings are new to the website, and one of the returners has a matching brooch.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website scandinaviansilver.co.uk

item 1530,  Danish dual textured stud earrings - posts, probably by Aagaard, SOLD

item 1531,  Norwegian Unihjem silver drop earrings - screws, convertible,  cost  £33

item  1532,  AMIK Danish Sterling large twisted hoop earrriings - posts,  SOLD

item 1533,   Herman Siersbøl  Sterling silver ear cuffs,  cost £30

item  1534,  Aagaard Sterling oxidised and gold hinged hoops for pierced ears, SOLD

item 1535,  Danish silver drop triangles with hooks,  cost £35

item  1536   Hugo Grün Sterling silver art deco ear clips, cost £48

item  0303, Aarre & Krogh freeform Sterling ear clips, cost £46

item 1537,   B M Jensen Sterling enamel ear clips, SOLD

item 1538,  Sterling silver amber ear drops, posts for pierced ears,  cost £40

item 1539,   Silver hoops with posts,  SOLD

item 1540,   Chunky Sterling silver studs,  SOLD

item 1541,  Ola Gorie rare Sterling silver drop earrings with posts, cost £56

item 1542,   Historic originals Rennie Mackintosh inspired rectangular ear studs, cost £30

item 0213,  Carrick Jewellery Ltd, Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired ear drops, posts,  sold

item 0214, Carrick Jewellery Ltd, Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired brooch, sold

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