Friday, 15 December 2017

Affordable pendants and earrings for pierced ears

Here is a 'last-minute-before-Christmas' small collection of  affordable silver pendants (all with chains) and earrings for pierced ears. 4 of these are returning items. The last one is a set.  Enjoy

For further information and to place your order, go to the website

item 1716,  Danish silver pendant + chain. SOLD

item 1717,  Royal Copenhagen Sterling pendant + chain.  costs £55

item 1618, Salovaara smoky quartz pendant, SOLD

item 1718,  Brdr Bjerring Sterling silver abalone pendant + chain, costs £ 55

item 1263, Flora Danica parsley pendant, SOLD

item 1312,  Flora Danica parsley ear studs, in box, costs £36

item 1719,  Aagaard silver ear studs with hematite balls, costs £ 36

item 1720,  BoG Sterling silver floral ear studs, costs £36

item 1721,  Sterling silver ear studs with clear stones, costs £28

item 0213,  Carrick Mackintosh style earrings with postbacks, cost £33

item 1722, Herman Siersbøl Sterling black and white marble pendant and ear studs, costs £58

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